Custom Yacht Builders

Custom Yacht Commissioning

Commissioning a custom built vessel is an exciting time for an owner, the chance to build a boat tailored to their own specific requirements.

Before any constructional work is undertaken a period of detailed consultation takes place between the owner and builder.

Custom Yacht Works need to fully understand the owner’s requirements with regards to type, performance, styling and usage in order that a vessel can be constructed which not only satisfies the discerning owner’s needs, but exceeds their expectations. Every detail will be discussed including operating systems, layout, upholstery, right down to the mouldings on the handmade joinery. Once all the key elements have been established and approved, Custom Yacht Works can recommend a designer which we feel is best suited to meet these requirements, whether power or sail. Alternatively, Custom Yacht Works can liaise with the owner’s choice of architect.

When the Architect has raised a full specification and set of working drawings, the designs will be analysed by engineers to ensure that all elements of the design and construction are feasible and sound prior to starting construction. When this final design package is completed, Custom Yacht Works will present the owner with all drawings, specifications, costs and build contract.

Once construction has started we find that many owners take a keen interest in the build process. This also gives an opportunity, which we welcome, for the owner to get closely involved in the manufacture of a very special vessel.

Every item of material that we use whether traditional or modern is selected from the finest available to ensure that our craftsmen are able to produce a product of the highest standard throughout, with meticulous attention to detail.

Custom Yacht Works commitment does not end at the launch day. We undertake to be present on sea trials to ensure that any issues arising are dealt with promptly. This ensures that the owner is satisfied with a completely successful handover without the frustrations which can sometimes occur at this stage.

All work is carried out utilising the notified bodies required to conform to current safety standards, relating to the recreational craft directive and coding requirements.

From concept to commission we endeavour to make the whole custom build experience a stress free experience for any owner.