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Yacht Restoration

We believe the skills involved in overcoming the difficulties associated with building bespoke yachts gives us the ability and vision to undertake the most testing restoration or re-fit whilst offering innovative repair solutions. Our knowledge and examples of previous work provides our clients with the reassurance they need when making us the custodian of their classic sail or motor yacht.

We have worked on some of the most prestigious vessels such as classic Swans, Stephens Motor Yachts and Fairey motor boats gaining Concourse as best in class and best kept vessel. We have been privileged to work on classic yachts such as Lady Anne, Belle Aventure, Peggy Bawn, Kentra, Thendara, and Shamrock to name but a few.

Currently our factory houses three of the best known and respected vessels of the last fifty years. All three vessels are currently undergoing extensive restoration work which will allow them to grace our waters for another fifty years. We work closely with Mr Alan Burnard the original designer from the very early Fairey days. His unrivalled knowledge and eagerness to help restore these vessels to their former beauty remains invaluable. Another former Fairey employee Mr William Dunlop, probably the most sort after surveyor and technical marine advisor also works closely with us on all matters of a structural nature. His advisory role allows us to repair these vessels to a better than original state allowing the owner total peace of mind for many years to come.

Huntsman 31 Restoration

Huntsman 31 aft cabin 'Grey Don' Hull no 2 built in1968. Currently undergoing a complete back to bare wood restoration including the installation of a new pair of Yanmar engines. With the brief being 'a better than Concourse finish' the vessel has now been completely stripped of all components with the old engines awaiting delivery to their new home of another Fairey owner. The vessel will be restored using the same original structural materials that would have been used when they first rolled off the production line. With the extra torque and power created by the new engines the hull will be re-enforced and strengthened. The styling will be designed by us using a combination of classic and modern fittings, a difficult task to undertake and get right but this will be carried out in a sensible and sympathetic manner. The gallery currently shows the progress made from when we first received the vessel and the stages it has undergone since. She now sits with all the paint removed to reveal the hull veneers and superstructure. Although this vessel was built 42 years ago we fully expect it to be in excellent condition and the gallery will be regularly updated on this interesting project.

Huntsman 31 Restoration Gallery


Swordsman 33 aft cockpit 'Emma Jane' Restoration

Swordsman 33 aft cockpit 'Emma Jane' Hull no12 originally built in1968 and once owned by the owner of the 'Baby Cham' drinks company. The present owner has been the custodian of this vessel for the last nine years and it has become another member of the family. This boat is in very good condition and a fine example having had a considerable amount of money spent on it's upkeep over the years. Despite the regular restoration work undertaken by the owner he realised that he should take steps to investigate areas of the boat concealed by the fuel tank and internal structure. He decided to have the aft centre line keel renewed and reinforced to give added strength and longevity to the boats life span. We removed the fuel tank which is now spanning the area across the vessel, rather than the two longitudinal fuel tanks that would have originally been fitted. This allowed us the access we required and the gallery shows the completed restoration work to the keel structure. The bilge areas will receive a fresh coat of paint whilst we manufacture a new drainage gulley matrix to support the cockpit soles. Once we have completed the structural work we will move onto an area that will have more of an aesthetic impact to the vessel. The current deck is to be removed and replaced with a hand laid teak deck and plywood substrate. This will give a new lease of life to Emma Jane and will offer some extra stiffness and rigidity.

Swordsman 33 Emma Jane Restoration Gallery


Swordsman 37 aft cabin 'Aramis' Restoration

Swordsman 37 aft cabin 'Aramis' Hull no1. Aramis was one of the next generation glass fibre models built in the year 2000 by Swordsman marine and arrived at the factory requiring some remedial restoration work. The existing deck was in a very poor condition so it was agreed it should be removed and replaced with a new teak deck. The original toe rails were de-laminating so new toe rails were made but this time cut and shaped from solid teak. The original deck fittings were chrome plated brass and showed signs of severe corrosion. We renewed these fittings and modernised them with stainless steel. The bright work received new coats of varnish with the gas and anchor lockers cleaned back and flow coated with fresh white gel coat. The cockpit soles and all other areas of scrubbed teak were sanded and cleaned bringing the timber work back to an 'as new' condition to match the new deck. The final operation was to compound and wax the hull and superstructure before being delivered back to the owner ready for the new season.

Swordsman 37 Aramis Restoration Gallery


Huntsman 28 aft cockpit 'Midnight Blue' Restoration

Huntsman 28 aft cockpit 'Midnight Blue' Hull no 94. Midnight Blue was built in 1967 and is now in our care for a second period in its lifetime. Currently with a different owner we are due to undertake a schedule of detailed restoration work to the hull and structure following its recent new teak deck. The hull is due to have a series of new veneers in the same Agba mahogany originally used for its diagonal laminations and we will be renewing the existing spray rails with new hardwood rails. The owner has recognised that the hull will need to undergo a comprehensive restoration incorporating the removal of the aged fixings and re-fastening with silicon bronze screws. This will rejuvenate the structural integrity of the vessel and prolong its life span for many years to come. The engines are to be removed and completely overhauled whilst allowing better access to the hull structure beneath which would otherwise remain inaccessible. Once the essential issues have been resolved we will move onto the work with more of an aesthetic impact. The interior is to undergo a sympathetic re-fit giving it a new lease of life whilst keeping many of the original features that have made these iconic vessels so popular.

Huntsman 28 Midnight Blue Restoration Gallery

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